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Full Version: Advanced Sidebox 3.1.19
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Ok, thank you Wildcard.
Advanced Sidebox 3.1.10 Released

  • a bug where addon versions weren't set at install
  • a bug where in the Forum Goals module, title text was improperly formatted
  • added the ability to limit the Top Poster module to one forum
  • added the ability to set the Top Poster module to count only threads (as requested by EHRA)

To install, just overwrite the files.
Wildcard, It was perfect! Thank you!  Smile
You are very welcome.

Oh, and Merry Christmas Smile
My post was goofy. Couldn't let it stand. Thanks for the work on ASB, Wildcard.
Hi, DrXotick,

I read your post earlier and wanted to have some time to think about it. Even though you have redacted it, I want to give some sort of an answer to the question of the future of this plugin.

While I fully expect (and hope) that mentions will eventually be in the core— and expect to drop MentionMe at some point, I'd like to keep going with ASB as I can see a lot of room for improvement.

While 1.9 is being developed, I will work on some module improvements, core library updates, and continue to releases patches if necessary. During this time, I will be watching the template system closely so that as soon as something close to final comes together I can begin to bring ASB up-to-date with the new system.

Then, once ASB is compatible with 1.9 (if that is even feasible) then I will look into how to make ASB's HTML output more modern. As I have said over and again, design is my weakest suit. This may take a while.

Thanks for your interest. Smile
Advanced Sidebox 3.1.11 Released


  • applied format_avatar function throughout consistently
To upgrade: Deactivate in ACP, overwrite existing files, and activate.
Don't you Sleep Wildcard????

you seem to be so busy unlike me spending the day floating around in the sea filming fish being lazy
(2018-01-18, 09:01 AM)fishntassie Wrote: [ -> ]Don't you Sleep Wildcard????

Smile Sure, I do.

I never feel like I get enough done, though.
Greetings! I recently installed ASB. I've encountered a small problem. I'd like to stack the sideboxes in same column but this does not work for some reason. I've tried this with both custom as well as included sideboxes. All of them jump to the bottom of the page instead and the element containing the top-sidebox for some reason seem to have its height set to that of the board (likely the cause of the problem?).

I can't for my life find where in the code the problem lies however.