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Full Version: Advanced Sidebox 3.1.19
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Advanced Sidebox 3.1.7 Released

  • a bug where the title text of thread titles in the Latest Threads module were truncated erroneously
  • a bug where addon modules that use external JavaScript files were not able to serve minified versions
  • a bug where conflicts were possible with older versions of my helper libraries
  • a bug where certain implementation (like portal.php) failed because of an incorrect conditional
  • a bug where pre-check conditonals in the Latest Threads and Recent Posts module didn't check for all factors and in the end were removed as they were ineffective
  • made the add/edit modal in ACP a little larger
  • implemented a cache wrapper helper library
  • reorganized a little, removing some unnecessary files
  • added inline actions in ACP->Manage Scripts that allow width adjustment, activate/deactivate, and delete from the main page
[Image: eYcWOer.png]

To upgrade: Deactivate, overwrite the existing files, activate.
This plugin is getting better, thanks for the update. Smile
Thanks for the kind words. Smile

You are very welcome.
(2017-11-23, 08:49 PM)Mixlight Wrote: [ -> ]bUG..

I think this problem occurs because of the theme installed in AdmCP.  Huh

Wildcard, please do not forget my suggestion  Big Grin :

(2017-10-26, 02:49 AM)Wildcard Wrote: [ -> ]So, like the Top Posters module, but allow the admin to specify one particular thread?

In fact, the Top Threads Posters would be similar to what happens in the ProStats plugin:

[Image: qi4dzHW.png]

But it would be very interesting if it were possible to develop Top Threads Posters frame for the best Thread posters per forum session.

Example (based on the official MyBB community):

Top Posters Thread Plugin Releases
Top Posters Thread Themes Releases
(2017-11-23, 08:49 PM)Mixlight Wrote: [ -> ]bUG..

Its a bug with MyBB 1.8.13 -

(2017-11-23, 10:30 PM)EHRA Wrote: [ -> ]Wildcard, please do not forget my suggestion  Big Grin

I haven't.
No it is not a bug, you have to apply new modified css into your global.css file, thats all
Advanced Sidebox 3.1.8 3.1.9 Released

  • a bug where a typo broke the theme exclude selector update
  • added the ability to the limit the top poster module to one thread (as requested by EHRA)
  • added a new module Forum Goals which shows a progress bar for various types of goals (post/thread/user count) 
[Image: vlL7bk2.png]

To upgrade: Simply overwrite the existing files.

EDIT: Made an error with the new module. Patched it in 3.1.9
Wildcard, thank you for your attention and help.  Wink

But I do not think I could explain my suggestion well. I would like new side box types for the Top new Thread Poster per session.


Top new Thread Poster Plugin Releases (https://myforum/forum/forumdisplay.php?fid=2)
Top new Thread Poster Themes Releases (https://myforum/forum/forumdisplay.php?fid=4)

Limit for "fid".

My English is not good. I guess that's why you misunderstood my suggestion. Anyway thank you for your kindness and attention. It's my fault for not mastering English.  Undecided
I missed this somehow...

I misunderstood you, but I can straighten it all out in 3.1.10