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Full Version: Advanced Sidebox 3.1.19
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Hmm seems like it didnt work.
I'm sorry. I gave it a shot.

Like I said, I will work on a real solution when there is time.
Aha, that code actually works but I had to increase 480px to 1100px in order to make it useful in modern phones Big Grin

Thats an awesome stuff btw I fixed a lot of things in mobile thanks to this method.
I'm glad it helped Smile

I have tabs in my forum, some people said it would be much better if my sideboxes would start right after tabs, instead of before the tabs. In Manage Scripts instead of $header I tried $mytabs, $tabstyle, $mytabs_full and $nav_tab but I couldnt make it. I wonder what should I write there?
Look at the template for the page you are trying to adjust and copy and paste from it. That way you know it will recognize that text and work correctly. Or if you get stuck, post your template here and I will try to help.
in Index template I dont have anything related to tabs. Confused
You can just add an HTML comment to your Index template:

<!-- ASB -->

and use it for the Header Search Text. Then if it isn't positioned correctly, just move the comment around until it is right.

Thats my index template, it currently starts from $header. 
I dont see anything about tabs so I can't add <!-- ASB --> to proper place.

Thats the MyTabs plugin:
You only have two options. You can try it directly before {$header} or directly after. I am not familiar with that plugin, but there is apparently some template cache editing going on.