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Full Version: Square theme
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Where is the Login menu code? I can't find it anywhere
header_welcomeblock_guest, but you already ask for support in my community, and I think you're searching the text.

Check the reply there.

Looks good man but the footer looks a little too big to me but that's just my personal opinion.
Yeah maybe it's too big, but... you know, you can always change the width-height and all the style Toungue.
Excilent! Thank for sharing.
How to remove http:// in newthread?
[Image: 5445d809ebe5e.png]
(2014-10-21, 09:42 AM)juli_0 Wrote: [ -> ]How to remove http:// in newthread?
[Image: 5445d809ebe5e.png]

That's nothing to do with the theme.

Please, post in the correct section >>
Thanks! add multipage ?
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ACP > Templates & Styles > Templates > Square Templates > Show Thread Templates

Open showthread template, after this:


Put this:

  	<div class="float_left" style="margin-bottom: 10px;">

And that's all.

I am trying to use your theme on my site, and I cannot get my logo to show up. I uploaded my "logo.png" file to the "images/square" folder. My logo.png dimensions are 450x120.

I went into "Template Sets » Square Templates » Edit Template: header" and edited the line:

<div class="logo"><div class="logo2"><i class="fa fa-cube fa-fw"></i></div> Square</div>

So it looked like this instead:

<div class="logo"></div>

But my logo doesn't show up. Just a blank space.

The path to my logo is correct in the settings, and if I go to the URL for the logo it works:

Any help would be appreciated.