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Full Version: Square theme
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(2014-09-17, 03:52 PM)eNvy Wrote: [ -> ]P.D.: I give a support link, please use that next time.

Greetings, thanks to all!

Thank you very much. Cheers!!
I re-upload the zip with a minimum fix in the forumdisplay template.

Also, I have done the manually solution on the community.

Envy, Excellent work.

Header height looks quite big, I think 150px will be enough. Is there a fluid width version available?
Nope, only fixed, but I think with a few tweaks you can achieve fluid.
It looks cool with good color and style. Hope to see more themes Smile
looks nice, but i cant install it, i was trying in two diferent servers:

The following errors were encountered:
MyBB could not find the theme with the file you uploaded. Please check the file is the correct and is not corrupt.
Download again the zip and check if you put the right chmod in the mybb folders (777 for cache and uploads, 666 for config.php and settings.php).

I re-installed in localhost and works fine.
nevermind, was my fault, i was trying to import the theme without decompresing the files hahaha Big Grin
No problem, at least you can manage to know the issue Toungue.
i finaly managed to use my old 1.6 postbit_classic, and this is want im getting:

[Image: eHbjOho.png]

here as u can see, i added a space <br /> on the up side, but now is to much space between the posts, i would like to reduce the space between the posts

[Image: e1zSyQO.png]

im using the theme "Square", here is my temporal forum: , i would like to reduce the space between posts and keep the space up between the thread title and post date bar, i dont know how to explain sorry