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Full Version: Square theme
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We keep getting this message whenever we want to moderate something: Sorry, but you did not select any posts to perform inline moderation on, or your previous moderation session has expired (Automatically after 1 hour of inactivity). Please select some posts and try again.

None of this seems to work - I just tried it and no success. On top of that, I also updated the version to 1.8.18.


In addition, it seems that my "Edit post" is not working.

Ugh. Any help wouldbe appreicated. Here is my forum in case you could help.
try using a different theme. Nobody is going to update the theme for you. It was designed on a much earlier version of MyBB.
Everytime I enter password on the board its saying mismatch.
^ that looks like authorization code mismatch issue. replied here
(2019-01-03, 03:39 PM).m. Wrote: [ -> ]^ that looks like authorization code mismatch issue. replied here

Thanks for the support. Sorry I posted it here.
It's possible upgrade to the latest version (12) from an older version, but without "mess" all the custom colors and little modifications in some templates (like header) ?
Square theme updated for MyBB 1.8.19.
hey envy thanks for the good theme
i had a question
how could i change the logo ? imean the cube thing i have searched alot in css and xml files and found nothing about the exact cube rather than " fa fa-cube fa-fw " class but no css leading to it maybe its an link but i can not find it !
can you help me to replace my logo with this ? my logo is a png file