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Full Version: Square theme
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There isn't so , where i should put it? I'm not very friendly with codes xd
Deactivate and activate again the plugin, and check if doing that, the code appears on the header template =)
Great !! You resolved my problem . Thank you very much Big Grin
I assume you install the shoutbox first and after my theme. Remember, every time you install a new theme, if you have plugins already installed, you need to deactivate and activate again to apply the changes into the new theme.

(2014-10-18, 01:52 PM)eNvy Wrote: [ -> ]
(2014-10-18, 11:01 AM)grateful_dead Wrote: [ -> ]Hi eNvy, thanks for nice theme i've installed.
However,when i try to reach my forum with a different screen resolution, i can't click dropdown menu which is
<i class="fa fa-angle-down fa-lg"></i>

Which resolution? The theme is fixed to 1024px.

i change the resolution but it doesnt change. Also i have visited other forums which installs Square, jquery login box and dropdown works. Does problem stem from plugins?
Maybe some plugins have problems with the menu, try to deactivate all the plugins and see if it works. In case the menu works, go and active one on one to test.
i deactive all the plugins, but still the same. very interesting. also last topics menu and other jquery things arent working.
Did you install all in order? I mean... upload ALL the files of the .zip, install the plugin for the custom vars, etc. ?

The last topics are imported from the portal, you need to configure that on your forum settings, in the portal section.
Hey eNvy , here it is another problem.
I didn't touch anything.

Do this:

<div class="wrapper">
    All the plugin content here