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Full Version: [Websocket] Miuna Shoutbox 9.0.0
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Maybe it doesn't connect to the server of the chat.
Have you followed all the steps to install it?
I want to place the shoutbox server on my server and try to link it through there instead of opening an openshift account, that way it's much more easier to update

Is it possible that way though instead the whole openshift account thingy?
i alredy install this plugin but can't add shout and shoutbox only loading
can you help me fix this problam,
plrase view my attached screenshot
Hi Guys, I did everything correct now theres only one doubt. Where is the Configuration? Cz in the plugins option i see only activate and after that i cant actually click it/open it it`s only like a text in black. I reinstalled the plugin directly replaced the file from the host and still same thing. Please help!
Hello, martec. I tried installing Miuna Shoutbox on my forum, which is running on MyBB 1.8.9, but it seems to have a bug (or at least an incompatibility with the latest MyBB version).

Everytime I create topic, as long as I have the "Shout New Threads" option enabled, the topics are created, but I get a "Can not upload file - Too large for php post_max_size directive." error. They also aren't shouted at all.

Something similar seems to be happening with posts: as soon as I create a new post, if I have the "Shout New Posts" option enabled, the screen isn't updated when I post a reply and the loading icon above the text area never vanishes. If I update the page, however, the post is there. This seems to not happen everytime, but it still happens sometimes and at every member's first post. The posts aren't shouted just like the threads, regardlessly of whether this problem happens or not.

I've already checked the php.ini on my server (it's a VPS from Digital Ocean) and set it to post_max_size directive to high numbers but the problem is still there, so I'm guessing it's not something on my end.

If you could help me fix this, I would be very grateful.

sorry. but i won't update this product anymore.
i working in update Rin Shoutbox to new Firebase API.

Anyway thanks for using my product.
(2016-12-27, 03:19 AM)martec Wrote: [ -> ]@ShadowStriker

sorry. but i won't update this product anymore.
i working in update Rin Shoutbox to new Firebase API.

Anyway thanks for using my product.

Oh, that's okay. Sorry for the inconvenience, then.
Any way to get this working on a dedicated page (like with MyBB-PageManager maybe?)
HOw TO put shout box in difference host ?
Security Breech to view people's privacy PM's

Since I'm making a bot for the miuna shoutbox, I realized a security hole while creating a bot.

If a user put in this code, 

socket.on('updmsg', function(upd) {
 username = $("."+upd._id).find('.username_msgShout').text();
if (upd.uid !== '121352702'){
 they have the option to view PM's from other people to other people whenever a message gets edited