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Full Version: Questions for team members
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An idea inspired by this thread.

Post questions that you have for all of the staff in general or specific staff members and each week a different staff member will answer their questions on the MyBB Blog.

For all staff - What type of keyboard/mouse do you use?
For Ryan Loos - What is it with you and that penguin avatar?

I don't think these questions need to be limited to MyBB, computers, technology, etc. but we'll only answer appropriate and interesting (to the general public) questions.

So.. post up your questions! :]

Justin S. answers your questions
Ryan Gordon answers your questions
DougSD answers your questions
Tom Moore answers your questions
Tochjo answers your questions
Matt Rogowski answers your questions
For all the staff: How many monitors do you use? Just one or two. Or are you as cool as i want to be and have three? Or maybe even 7 like this guy
For all staff - If you did not discover MyBB what would you be doing instead or what did you want to do? Do you plan on sticking with MyBB for your whole life or do you just plan on using this as experience for your future career?
For all developers: Are you also program in other languages then PHP? Like ASP, Python, C?
For Ryan G: Does your brother ever annoy you when your programming MyBB?
For Ryan Loos - What is it with you and that penguin avatar?
I would like to emphasize:
Ryan Loos Wrote:but we'll only answer appropriate questions.

Adding to that, we will pick a set of interesting and useful questions and questions we think the public in general will be interested in hearing about. So put some thought into these questions.
To all staff: What are your personal websites? Smile
@Dennis - Thanks for that, added to my post.

Shawn - I'm pretty sure the links to our sites are on our profiles here, and if not we probably don't want them being made public. Smile
If you could change one thing about the way the MyBB project is managed, what would you change?