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Full Version: Questions for team members
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Is their going to be a MyBB 1.4.12 before MyBB 1.6?
What do you code in? (Notepad++ Notepad, dreamweaver etc)
(2010-02-14, 08:25 PM)ccalby Wrote: [ -> ]Is their going to be a MyBB 1.4.12 before MyBB 1.6?
This isn't the place to ask that. Smile

Also, still working on questions. One is just about ready to be published and then I have to get onto writing more.
I have a question for the Developers: In general, how long does it take to add a small to moderate size feature to the software?
(2010-03-14, 01:00 PM)Ryan Loos Wrote: [ -> ]Matt Rogowski answers your questions

I have been waiting for this for ages! Thanks so much!
How many browser do you use in a time? Does any one uses 3 browser at a time as I do. And which browser do you normally use?
I would be very interested to see desktop's from Team Members.
how old is everyone aboard the MyBB team