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Full Version: Questions for team members
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(2012-02-14, 09:15 PM)Paul H. Wrote: [ -> ]
(2012-02-14, 11:26 AM)Yaldaram Wrote: [ -> ]Who's the oldest among all staff users ? I guess its DenissTT ?

No clue. I'd think DenissTT though. Youngest is Fabio.

It's not Dennis, I know who it is, but I won't say unless the person discloses it on their own accord.
I'm certainly not the oldest, but certainly not the youngest.

But as Imad said; I know who it is, but I won't say unless the person discloses it on their own accord.
@For all staff

Have you come here in order to become staff or it just come with time for you? And approximately how much time did you need to learn everything what i needed for staff?
I didn't expect to become staff at all to be honest. I was offered the position, and gladly accepted it.

I was pretty familiar with the codebase and how the team worked internally (Previously worked on a project a former team member started and had a similar setup), also with a moderately decent knowledge of PHP and web application security. I guess it just came naturally.
(2012-02-14, 09:53 PM)Jammerx2 Wrote: [ -> ]I thought that I was the youngest. I joined before the age limit was in place.

I was 14/15 when I was on the team. Toungue
I was 14 when I joined.
I feel like answering questions right now.

* Paul H. waits patiently
* Imad Jomaa moves Paul H. up on the list of staff to interview.
* Paul H. says you haven't interviewed anyone in ages
* Paul H. guesses it will be ages before another interview as well
* Paul H. has a question for Imad
* Paul H. asks what PR people do because Paul H. hasn't seen them do much Wink
Hmm, question for Paul. How did you find MyBB and what's your most successful story with it?

Apologies if asked before.