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Full Version: Questions for team members
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@All staff- 1)What is your favorite website, including your own? (2) If different, what is your favorite website, excluding your own?
Why dont you add Google Adsense ads on this site ? Wink
@All Staff: what is your favorite book? Favorite quote? favorite movie?
how did you create a whole web software so complex and customisable with few problems or atleast makes it so easy to use plugins to do some great things just from the scratch.

how did you start who actually started working on the project?

what kept you going after some frustrations?

would you do it all over again?

Do you use MYBB on your own forums or vbulletin?

Do you think you are the best forum software even better than paid stuff? if no then what are you doing to solve that?

will anyone really answer these questions?
@all staff, is anyone other than Chris B. from the original MyBB team?
For All MyBB Developers : What software you use to program the code for MyBB ?
(2009-05-25, 08:05 AM)ghazal Wrote: [ -> ]For All MyBB Developers : What software you use to program the code for MyBB ?
(2009-05-20, 01:58 PM)aglioeolio Wrote: [ -> ]Q1: How do you see Vbulletin and IPB leaving the basic "Message Board" function, to become "Social Network" scripts too?
Q2: Will mybb use such features in next major releases?

Too add to this.

Gonna guess the developers here have seen the new IPB 3.0 and perhaps even the next major release of vB ( 4.0 ) and if not no biggie as it is basically a carbon of IPB 3.0.

Any plans to go that route ( 2.0 ) with the design/ type of images those two are using?

I now kinda hope MYBB stays away from becoming a Social Network and or following IPB/vB. Note how many are now starting to convert from them to MYBB and some very large forums at that. That should tell people around here something. What IPB uses as far as the social stuff goes in 2.3+ is ok but thats it. Thanks to MYBB development and then what IPB/vB are doing/Planned it is helping to throw MYBB to the front of all forum software be it free or paid. IMO Thus i see no reason why the ship here shouldnt remain on it's current course. Basically saying that i dont think MYBB should follow IPB/vB down the Social network or now even design path. Sorry but the newest versions of those softwars dont even look like a forum anymore. Terrible at best.

Any opinions from the staff on the above? It is cool if you all dont wanna give out 2.0 details. Just wondering what you guys all think about it.
@all staff, what does your normal day consist of? Also, whats your fav band?
@ everyone, do you like to spam?