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Full Version: Questions for team members
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For all staff - Do you know anyone who always looks perfect? Who?
Me, duh.
Have you ever woken up looked over, and just felt bad about yourself?
Yeah, but usually it's just the vodka.
What would be the first step you would do while designing a website?
Figure out the specifications and requirements for the website.

Then get naked.
(2010-11-18, 07:24 PM)Ryon H Wrote: [ -> ]Then get naked.

* Alex Smith finally knows the secret!Toungue
The secret is to be as sexy as me Wink
(2010-11-18, 08:54 PM)Ryon H Wrote: [ -> ]The secret is to be as sexy as me Wink

Explain why i suck then. /troll

What inspired all staff who are currently working or worked in a programming or computer job?
Quote:Explain why i suck then.

You're not me

Can you reask the question? I can interpret that in different ways