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Full Version: Questions for team members
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Nathan Malcolm Wrote:That must've been... '99. So 11/12 at the time. A huge white monitor, dial up, insanely bad graphics. Ah, those were the days. Toungue
Ah yeah. Childhood memories are awesome.
(2012-04-02, 05:10 PM)Paul H. Wrote: [ -> ]* Paul H. says you haven't interviewed anyone in ages
* Paul H. guesses it will be ages before another interview as well

I've only been assigned to interview recently and that I've only worked on it partially in my free time. The interviews will be going on soon.

Quote:* Paul H. asks what PR people do because Paul H. hasn't seen them do much Wink

You can find the answer in this thread or on the MyBB Blog. Wink
to the staff,

2+3*4/6-2^3+4 = ?
(2012-04-03, 09:14 PM)Paul H. Wrote: [ -> ]Zero.

* Tom K. congratulates paul on acheiving the correct answer Smile

Now, what is arccos(2π)? Where "π" = "pi" (damn font)
144.7 i° my dear chap.
(2012-04-03, 09:29 PM)Paul H. Wrote: [ -> ]144.7 i° my dear chap.

Since you seem to be so good at math, what's 1 / 0?
Don't break the internet. Sad
Ugh, leave Math talk here on. When I see Math after intense study and calculation of sums, I feel like hitting myself.
Question for staff: If you could learn another programming language, what would it be? Why?
Edit2: @Tom(m): is your first name Tomm or Tom? I can't help but notice your forum name being Tomm, but the blog posting account Tom.