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Full Version: Questions for team members
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(2013-10-14, 03:05 AM)Arbaz Wrote: [ -> ]Just wondering if the MyBB team still check this thread and weekly answer questions if there are any.

Or course we do Big Grin

For all staff: What do you guys do in your free time apart from any online related stuff. Such as racing, body building, etc.
Work, read, movies, tv, friends, basically the usual stuff Toungue. I have spurts of going to the gym but right now isn't one.
I tend to get lazy, routine clean-up of my home, and get lazier haha..
Devs: How long have you guys been 'developing'?
I'm not in the developers group but I have been developing for around three years.
Around 5 years for me (I wrote my first plugin in 2009).
I'm curious: what is your preferred language to work in?
(2014-05-02, 09:20 PM)preb34 Wrote: [ -> ]I'm curious: what is your preferred language to work in?

Ancient GreekToungue

In all seriousness, English.
I meant what computer programming language Toungue