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Full Version: Questions for team members
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I did, and I'm fairly sure it contributed to me getting my job, which is cool.
Well i'm not exactly old enough for a job.. yet :p
However when I do if i'm still on the team probably Smile
For polarbear541: does your friend joe ever distract you while you are trying to give support on mybb?
*cough* perhaps :p (For all others who don't know joe = magicstuff)
When are these gonna be posted? (Sorry to bump)
(2009-08-27, 11:29 PM)T0m Wrote: [ -> ]When are these gonna be posted? (Sorry to bump)
When I get a little free time to put the finishing touches on the first few of them. Smile
Oh okay thanks Wink I just was wonder since someone said in a week a while back ;P
Yay! This will be fun.
All developers - Do you think someday in the future that MyBB will out run the entire Forum Market? (That includes such forum software like vB and IPB etc.)