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Full Version: MyFacebook Connect 3.6
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(2013-04-24, 02:50 PM)Sms2luv Wrote: [ -> ]Hey guys,
This is the best solution for Facebook integration for mybb.
It's very simple yet powerfull, thanks a ton Shade.

Can you also add fb like feature in this.

Thank you for your positive feedback.

Unfortunately, I don't plan to add other Facebook-related features to this plugin as it's meant to login and register users through Facebook, and nothing else.
Well now it works correctly Shade, Thanks for your help
To be frank this is the ultimate plugin you have designed, I just wanted to ask whether you have any plan of auto posting a post to fb
Mybb Mod Site download link invalid.....where to download?
(2013-04-26, 06:25 AM)KingCupid Wrote: [ -> ]Mybb Mod Site download link invalid.....where to download?

Also available on github
Thanx Leefish.....plugin working perfectly
Updated to 1.0.2 i overwrote the files and clicked the update link in acp, but i have a few issues the image does not display even on the default theme, and the collapse doesn't work it collapses and expands the alerts group in my ucp and not the facebook group.
You should read the documentation to see what templates MyFacebook Connect edits. The upgrade script is meant to change one template with a minor change, already included in the new template files, but it might fail if you have modified a certain string in the target template.

I'd advise to have a look at the current templates set here and eventually copy&paste them in your existing MFC templates set.

The "image" isn't included in the package, you have to add it manually following the instruction provided in the documentation.
Shade – I'd ask you to please be careful when designing features that will post to the user's FB account. I understand that there is a demand from admins for this, but frankly, a lot of their demands would be considered abusive. It's easy to say that it's up to the admin, but I think they shouldn't be given the power to start spamming people's Timelines.

My two cents. Thanks for your hard work as always.