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Full Version: MyFacebook Connect 3.6
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They are indeed expired. Somewhat strange as the service I used to upload them told they would never expire. I will reupload them as soon as possible, but in the meantime you can refer to the written instructions.
Hello Master Shade. Angel

I have three issues with MyFacebook Connect 2.0.1 actually four!

[Image: fngv84.png]

1st. You'll notice in the image I posted above, there's a text called array.

2nd Some, users registering to Facebook appears without email automatically included.

3rd Hehe, the save button, how can I fix its position Big Grin

and there is fourth problem, worse, than the 2nd problem, though "SOME" can succeed registering, however, there are unlucky who can't join even they tried twice or thrice to register (repeatedly clicking save button) - the input on email box will only be cleared.

Sorry, I detected another problem.

When you disable the Master Switch, the facebook connect ain't work.

For what concerns the first issue, I will look into it. The second issue happened once in 1.0, but was fixed in 1.0.2 and therefore is fixed also in 2.0.1: did you upload all the new files and upgraded the plugin as per instructions?

The third issue is a theming issue not specifically related to MFC. Check your theme's css to solve it.

The fourth problem can be related to a partial upgrade or some files missing. Check them out.

The Master Switch's aim is to disable the plugin with ease so it's just normal if it doesn't work if it's set to off.
Okay, I installed a fresh copy of MyBB and installed the latest MyFacebook Connect again.

Now, this is what concerns me now - the MasterSwitch

I'm sorry if I can't convey my message (language barrier) clearly to you. This is the problem, whenever, I place it to No, users can't connect to the site, it just reload, it happens as well to those who ain't have account in my site yet.

Thank you Shade.
Read the post above yours.

(2014-02-18, 12:50 PM)Shade Wrote: [ -> ]The Master Switch's aim is to disable the plugin with ease so it's just normal if it doesn't work if it's set to off.
Hi, a user can insert own password on registration? or password is sent only randomly?
Password is just sent randomly.
(2014-02-19, 01:20 PM)Shade Wrote: [ -> ]Password is just sent randomly.

Thank you, I have installed it but when I try to register with Facebook, I have an error:

MyBB has experienced an internal SQL error and cannot continue.

SQL Error:
1064 - You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near '' at line 2
UPDATE mybb_users SET `avatar`='images/avatars/myavatar.jpg', `avatardimensions`='84|84', `avatartype`='remote' WHERE uid =
100% sure that error was fixed in 1.1.1. Update your MFC copy to the latest 2.0.1.