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Full Version: MyFacebook Connect 3.6
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great plugin sir... sir can you make on google plus too?
(2013-07-22, 12:07 AM)melchor Wrote: [ -> ]great plugin sir... sir can you make on google plus too?

Yes google translate really do exist .. But google translate isn't perfect for malformed question .. By doing that, it can't be just copied and pasted in g translate though .. It was just used to prevent spam bots crawling out of my site .. Big Grin
Then you can use the "is verified?" check I've added in 1.0.3.

MyGoogle+ Connect is in early stages development right now.
I see .. I don't have to worry that much then .. since I can effectively reject automatic registrations by spam bots ..
I have an issue with this plugin. When I have already signed up with my forum using the default login, I set up my avatar. Once I logged out and then log in using my facebook login, it automatically replace my avatar with my facebook avatar when I'm not even registering with facebook.

Also, I know that Twitter ask for Username when you sign up but does the facebook ask as well?
My forum is
It's called data synchronization. Basically, every time you login with Facebook your FB account is checked for certain data which is automatically replaced in your Forum. This includes the avatar. The fact that you login even without having signed up with Facebook is due to a check performed when you have no FB account linked to your MyBB account: if the email is the same, you are automatically logged in and linked for future logins.

To disable the first behaviour, just uncheck the "avatar and cover" sync option in your User Control Panel, @

The plugin differs from MyTwitter Connect for the registration methods: while the former relies to Facebook which fortunately has emails available, the latter uses Twitter which don't let anyone grab the user's email. I was forced to build a registration page for MTC but not for MFC, which has two registration methods available.

One is what I call "one step registration": the user is registered immediately as he click the login button for the first time (and he doesn't have an account with the same email on your board already). The other is the "2 step registration" which include a registration page asking for a username, the emal and the sync options. You can choose your preferred method in your ACP, straight into the plugin settings.
Thank you very much for your fast response. I must say that your plugin... The best I've ever used and I admired your hard work into these plugins. It's truly amazing. Big Grin
is that work with the mybb1.6.x??
Yes, it works with all the 1.6 serie, including the latest 1.6.10.
I had this error
FacebookApiException Object ( [result:protected] => Array ( [error_code] => 7 [error] => Array ( [message] => couldn't connect to host [type] => CurlException ) ) [message:protected] => couldn't connect to host [string:Exception:private] => [code:protected] => 7 [file:protected] => /home/u318110394/public_html/myfbconnect/src/base_facebook.php [line:protected] => 977 [trace:Exception:private] => Array ( [0] => Array ( [file] => /home/u318110394/public_html/myfbconnect/src/base_facebook.php [line] => 909 [function] => makeRequest [class] => BaseFacebook [type] => -> [args] => Array ( [0] =>,name,email,cover,birthday,website,gender,bio,location,verified [1] => Array ( [method] => GET [access_token] => 450900731673382|c1b55c759f994884d405264ee4b44c31 ) ) ) [1] => Array ( [file] => /home/u318110394/public_html/myfbconnect/src/base_facebook.php [line] => 876 [function] => _oauthRequest [class] => BaseFacebook [type] => -> [args] => Array ( [0] =>,name,email,cover,birthday,website,gender,bio,location,verified [1] => Array ( [method] => GET ) ) ) [2] => Array ( [function] => _graph [class] => BaseFacebook [type] => -> [args] => Array ( [0] => /me?fields=id,name,email,cover,birthday,website,gender,bio,location,verified ) ) [3] => Array ( [file] => /home/u318110394/public_html/myfbconnect/src/base_facebook.php [line] => 654 [function] => call_user_func_array [args] => Array ( [0] => Array ( [0] => Facebook Object ( [sharedSessionID:protected] => [appId:protected] => 450900731673382 [appSecret:protected] => c1b55c759f994884d405264ee4b44c31 [user:protected] => [signedRequest:protected] => [state:protected] => [accessToken:protected] => 450900731673382|c1b55c759f994884d405264ee4b44c31 [fileUploadSupport:protected] => [trustForwarded:protected] => ) [1] => _graph ) [1] => Array ( [0] => /me?fields=id,name,email,cover,birthday,website,gender,bio,location,verified ) ) ) [4] => Array ( [file] => /home/u318110394/public_html/myfbconnect.php [line] => 73 [function] => api [class] => BaseFacebook [type] => -> [args] => Array ( [0] => /me?fields=id,name,email,cover,birthday,website,gender,bio,location,verified ) ) ) [previous:Exception:private] => )

What I need to do?

mi domain is this is a problem?