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Full Version: MyFacebook Connect 3.6
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(2016-03-28, 06:25 PM)My BB Wrote: [ -> ]If someone could solve this then it would really be a great help Smile
[Image: bafda28b377b6dfa100adc9bc93337f6.png]

Hello Just got an another problem
[Image: 42d89d9c69a24418a02c330fa8763062.png]
Any way out to solve it Smile

u first go facebook app page and App Review > Click Button Yes (Your app is currently live and available to the public.)

and fixed your problem

sorry my english bad Smile
Thanks it got solved
I have a question? if new user connect their facebook their IP address or facebook account will be logged in ACP?

or their facebook account username/screen name will be the same of their registration name?
Their IP address will be registered as a normal registration would do (it will be stored in the ipaddress field of the _users table). The account ID will be stored in the myfb_uid field which is added to the _users table by the plugin itself upon the installation.

This is the only piece of the user's Facebook data that is always stored when an user decides to register or link his account with Facebook. The account ID is currently stored as a plain string, but I plan to change this behavior with a md5-hashed 128-bit string instead: while this won't affect the user's experience, it will secure their privacy as no one can trace their FB account. This is already available in Flyover 1.2.
You haven't configured MyFacebook Connect plugin yet: either your Facebook Application ID or your Facebook Application Secret are missing. If you are an administrator, please read the instructions provided in the documentation.!
I think that's self explainatory.
I want to have a landing page for first time visitors (just setting a cookie with php) that presents them with a link straight to the facebook registration (, while that isn't a problem, the login then takes them back to the page they came from. Is there a way change that?
There is, but you must change some lines in the plugin's code. I'm not at home at the moment, I will give you some hints later.
(2016-04-17, 06:34 PM)Shade Wrote: [ -> ]There is, but you must change some lines in the plugin's code. I'm not at home at the moment, I will give you some hints later.

I am facing issues integration with Mybb 1.87..
^ basically you should be first logged in to facebook site,
then only you can use it as login system for your forum.