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Full Version: MyFacebook Connect 3.6
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MFC does not care about the theme. Every well-made theme is compatible since it uses the same classes and HTML structure used by MyBB's default one, so if your theme is inherited from the default theme it's just fine. You can change the styling to your liking by editing the templates and the css which are loaded into every theme at the installation. Also note that MFC "works" even if the styling is wrong if it's configured properly.
ok thanks Shade
i got bug report
/xxx/xxx/public_html/forum/myfbconnect/src/base_facebook.php   line	1294

how i can fix Huh
Download the bug report and post it here.
Do someone else getting Error like this
"The redirect_uri URL must be absolute"
[Image: 126c8738b6bdad43c41ff38f77fe6b41.png]
I tried that still don"t work out Sad

I checked all about that on google
Still not solved
If you PM me a temporary access account both to your FTP and your admin control panel, I will check it out.
(2016-03-28, 11:39 AM)feilian Wrote: [ -> ]i got bug report
/xxx/xxx/public_html/forum/myfbconnect/src/base_facebook.php   line 1294

how i can fix  Huh

i fixed bro.
facebookapp remake and work now.
If someone could solve this then it would really be a great help Smile
[Image: bafda28b377b6dfa100adc9bc93337f6.png]

Hello Just got an another problem
[Image: 42d89d9c69a24418a02c330fa8763062.png]
Any way out to solve it Smile