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Full Version: MyFacebook Connect 3.6
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(2014-01-06, 05:16 PM)Shade Wrote: [ -> ]Honestly, I have put the login button to the most logic location. You can move it wherever you want though.

Yes, I can manually move the button anywhere. I put in Login, Register, Forgot Password or anywhere along other plugin template. Will this button still accesible on version 2.0 ? Smile

(2014-01-07, 05:22 PM)Shade Wrote: [ -> ]Any feature request? Otherwise I might release the new 2.0 in the evening.

Sure, I would like test it on my medium board or my huge 2 millions posts forum Smile
Would you like tell me what changelogs? Especially language variable?
Because, I did manual template change rather than writing language file to other local. So, I replace most variable directly to my own language. This is to prevent any future language update

Maybe there is an optional way (accesible) to replace facebook button image with pure CSS button style, So it would match (editable) on any theme. Or, there is an additional Facebook Page like button inside the Notification Setting. The other one is ability to block or change username into one single word (without space). To prevent some "limitation" if forum using Mention (twitter like)" plugin.

But, forget it.. the main purpose of this plugin is ability for member to do "Quick" Login/Register from Facebook Account. Thats enough, no more feature I think :p

Well, great Job and great plugin I ever use.
The button will still be available with 2.0. The link has changed (from myfbconnect.php?action=fblogin to myfbconnect.php?action=login), but the new version has backwards compatibility.


New docs with updated Facebook API (if you have already installed the plugin you don't need anything else):

I have introduced some new language vars (two new settings, changed all the settings names to be immediately live if modified, and added some other vars) but tracking their changes is something I don't really like. You can track it on your own watching the commits in the unstable branch on GitHub.

The CSS solution won't be implemented in the core. Styling is up to everyone, they just need to adjust a template by the way.

Facebook FanPage handler might be a nice feature for 3.0. The no-whitespace in username feature can be achieved using other plugins which are compatible with MyFacebook Connect (as it replicates the member_do_register_end hook), so it's unlikely that I will add this in the core too.
You've really added a lot to MyBB with these MyXConnect projects. Lots of respect to you sir.
Thank you WildCard, means a lot for me Smile
very good job Wink
thanks for hardwork
Shade on your test forum it says undefined (on log in - log in and remember me):

I believe its because you tried to add the facebook/twitter sign up links in the java script in order for them to appear when someone clicks log in. I too tried this and had the same result.
Not really. That test board has broken javascripts, not related to MFC in any way.
(2014-01-08, 07:24 PM)Shade Wrote: [ -> ]Not really. That test board has broken javascripts, not related to MFC in any way.

Hmm mine must have broken javascripts too, I'll have to find out what it is to add my links there too.
MyFacebook Connect 2.0 is out
What's new?
This is a complete rewrite. There are not lots of new features but yet this version has been completely rewritten to be faster than ever in its performances, hence why I consider this a major leap ahead for the plugin.

There are 3 new files and every .php file has been modified.
  • First major update
  • Rewritten the entire code with an Object Oriented approach, less space, more speed
  • Optimized many parts of both login and registration processes
  • Enhanced the email matching functionality
  • Many queries have been eliminated, using already available data where possible
  • Updated Facebook API to the latest version (3.2.3)
  • Addressed an issue ob_flush()ing before starting the session in Facebook API as content might be outputted before, leading to annoying PHP warnings (thanks Amplified)
  • Joining or leaving a usergroup has become simpler, more secure and more complete than before, with additional usergroups support: the engine will check for the existing usergroup and additional groups to know how and if joining/leaving the specified usergroup is safe or not, also recovering eventually corrupted/malformed strings in such fields
  • Introduced a posting functionality fired both when an user registers and/or links his account to Facebook. You can now set a default message to post every time an user registers/links with Facebook on your board
  • Dropped "request posting permissions" option due to the new feature explained above (btw, permissions are asked if that option is set to on)
  • Added a simple Admin CP module with a basic file check (to know if files are uploaded correctly, mostly used to debug and help if something's wrong). I plan to add more features to it in the future
  • Kicked in full sex syncing support with localizable language strings
  • Settings regarding Usergroup and Custom Profile Fields can now be changed without manually checking for their IDs. Selectboxes replace the previous textfields
  • Settings language strings have been changed and are now displayed live as you modify them, exploiting MyBB's core behavior. Before you had to manually update the setting to change their description, now you need just to edit the language strings
  • Other improvements in the code and bugfixes
Where to download?
Download the new files from the Mods Site or from GitHub.
How to upgrade from any older version?
The migration from any older version of the plugin is easy thanks to the dedicated updater included in the package. Just upload the new files to your FTP and run the upgrade script as described in the official documentation.
Works perfectly, thanks for the update!