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Full Version: MyFacebook Connect 3.6
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I have downloaded from here: Sad

now I try from Mybb
That's the latest version, you don't need to use the Mods Site's one. Pretty strange though as I've double checked it and it seems like it's patched.
hi shade! i followed your instructions but im still getting this error --> [Image: a296.png]

what could be causing it?
Steps to reproduce it?
(2014-02-20, 05:12 PM)Shade Wrote: [ -> ]Steps to reproduce it?

i followed everything here -->

problem is the link to the images is dead already, cannot see the screenshots...
I will restore them when I will have a chance to do it.

I am considering dropping indefinitely both My* Connect's development and support. I have little spare time, I haven't received a donation yet so far and I am honestly tired of repeating the same things because people just don't read or they don't understand english. Thus, I don't feel sufficiently motivated to bring it up.
can you at least make the images in the instructions work, thanks!
again same error shade please take a look
Interesting reply. Many thanks.

(2014-02-10, 09:54 AM)Shade Wrote: [ -> ]You probably confuse MyFacebook Connect with MyTwitter Connect. The latter, due to the fact that Twitter does not provide any method to obtain the user's email during the authenticating process, generates a fictional email when using one-click registration in order to bypass the built-in validator inside MyBB.
This is really great plugin, thanks for making this real!

However is there a way to integrate with MyAlerts plugin?
When user register using their Facebook account, there is no Alert options selected in Alerts Settings.

It would be great if the Alerts options are automatically selected when user registering via Facebook

Thanks Wink