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Full Version: MyFacebook Connect 3.6
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When you are redirected to Facebook, accept what is asked you to accept.
Already message clicked OK then message this You didn't let us login with your Facebook account. Please authorize our application from your Facebook Application manager if you would like to login into our Forum.

Could you give me your board's URL?
sent via PM
That's kinda strange. Did you follow the setup instructions provided in the documentation? I think it might be a problem of the Facebook Application you've set up, not caused by the plugin itself, I can't think about anything else.

Could you make a screenshot of your Facebook Application settings and post it here? Hiding your Secret and ID if possible.
Uninstalling the plugin will cause the related database columns to be removed from your database, but there won't be any data loss. Users will keep on being the same.

You will obviously lose all Facebook IDs associated with users' accounts.
Got it sorted. For certain servers (without SSL support I suppose), a certificate is needed to be placed inside the Facebook SDK folder. I thought it wasn't necessary, so I removed it. Darn.

I've pushed a new commit to GitHub including this certificate. I will soon officially update the plugin to 1.0.2 version with a lot of bugfixes, in the meantime you can keep your MFC copy up-to-date downloading the GitHub package if you encounter any error.
I love this plugin, it's very simple to use. Good job!
I would have wanted to release 1.0.2 version with some new features but due to a critical bug arose yesterday, I have to update the plugin with this bugfix release now.

MyFacebook Connect 1.0.2 is out

  • Fixed a critical bug with certain servers without SSL support.
  • Fixed a bug which didn't let global.php evaluate certain templates when watching the Registration page, causing third party plugins to mess up your templates.
  • Added a small image displayed in the User Control Panel menu before Facebook integration link.
  • Fixed a bug which didn't displayed the correct error while registering without an active access token from Facebook.
  • Dramatically improved performances of the login process if you already have an active and valid token. The login process won't pass through Facebook (sending headers 2 times) if so, saving at least 1 second and an half.
  • Fixed a critical bug when registering and synchronizing with Facebook, causing a SQL error to be thrown.

You can download it from GitHub (Mods Site is awaiting approval).

How to update

Simply overwrite old files as documented here. This bugfix release doesn't contain any noticeable change to existing templates, stylesheets or database tables, so you won't be asked for extra actions within your Admin Control Panel.