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Full Version: MyFacebook Connect 3.6
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Is it possible, that you could add a list with checkboxes after registration with FB what should be synced? So that new users could enter nicknames instead of their FB name would be nice.
It's already available: just disable the option Fast Registration.
It work for me! Wink
Hey Shade,

Thanks for the response. I removed the hook member_do_register_end, but it's still not working. I'm getting the same message.
Darn, you're right. I've analyzed the plugin and it does not hook there, but directly in the validation process. You must edit the file /inc/plugins/solvemedia.php, line 277, find:


Add before:

if (defined('IN_ADMINCP')) return;
Thank you so much, it works now. +rep Smile
i wanna ask one quesiton
if some user has an account and wants to continue using the same one
can he do it ?

actually i tried with my id and it linked my id and mybb id together
but when tried with another id , it did not work
i wonder why

one more question

what is error 200
how to fix it
You must let your Facebook app go live, otherwise only the developer will be able to access it. It is all explained in the docs.
How do i change the facebook login button to the one i have?


So I recently setup your plugin to use. Followed directions to a "T" and i received the following error when you click on the button.

Figure #1


Site Address:

I have gone back deleted everything and started over again with the same results.

Can you give me some insight into what I have possibly done wrong with the installation?

Thank you for your time.