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Full Version: MyFacebook Connect 3.6
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(2013-09-04, 06:39 PM)PwnEm Wrote: [ -> ]Is there any conflict of using this + the MyTwitter connect as well?

Not at all. The 2 plugins are fully compatible each other.
Hello, I keep getting this error and not sure why:
Please correct the following errors before continuing:
•The password you entered is of invalid length. Please enter a password between 15 and 30 characters.
when I connect to twitter and facebook
here is my forum
thanks for your time
Fixed in the last commit. Thank you for reporting this!
How can I add the register button?
It's just a plain text HTML link. See the template edits the plugin tries to apply to know the code and the template you need to edit in order to add a register/login button.
De opgegeven URL wordt niet toegestaan door de configuratie van de applicatie.: Een of meer van de opgegeven URL's zijn niet toegestaan door de instellingen van de app. De URL moet overeenkomen met de website- of canvas-URL, of het domein moet een subdomein zijn van een van de domeinen van de app.
Next time post it in English language, thanks. Please read carefully the documentation.
Awesome! Thanks!
OMG, this is perfect.
(2013-04-17, 04:06 PM)Shade Wrote: [ -> ]
MyFacebook Connect
The missing (free) bridge MyBB <--> Facebook becomes real!

MyFacebook Connect is a plugin which lets you login and register through Facebook on any MyBB installation.

Download it from the Mods Site or from GitHub*, or try it on the test board!

I've spent almost 1 month developing this plugin but it totally worth my efforts. With it, you can easily let your users register and login using their Facebook accounts: it differs from existing (both free and paid) plugins thanks to the provided PHP SDK and a lightweight integration. A must-have for almost every community and compatible with the latest MyBB releases!

As an admin, you can decide to use two different types of registration: Fast Registration lets you register through Facebook with only one click and one front-end redirect. This means that every user who would like to login into your board and he doesn't have a registered account will be registered and logged in with a single click of a button. If he has already an account registered, he'll be just logged in and his account will be linked to his Facebook one. If he has already an account and its already linked as well, he'll be just logged in.

With Fast Registration option disabled, every user who hasn't got a registered account and logs in with Facebook will be prompted to choose a new username and eventually an email address different from his Facebook one. By default, inputs will be filled with his existing Facebook data but they'll be able to choose whatever username and email they'll want. In addition to this they'll be asked to select what data to import from Facebook, respecting their privacy in a better way than the simple one-click registration process.

Thanks to all the guys who tested my plugin and thanks to all of them who will test my future versions.

Who's using it?

MyFacebook Connect has been downloaded over 1000 times and counting. Many users have appreciated it for its ease of use and its high performances: here are some randomly picked up feedbacks.

vegaforums Wrote:Have tested it this and installed it on my forum and works like a charm.

Sms2luv Wrote:This is the best solution for Facebook integration for MyBB. It's very simple yet powerful.

Lowseling Wrote:I love this plugin, it's very simple to use. Good job!

Xanth Wrote:Such a shame this didn't come out sooner. No point us installing it now since we are moving to Xenforo, but this is another excellent plugin.

Johny90 Wrote:That's a great plugin! Thank you man!

Feature listing

At the moment, MyFacebook Connect comes with the following features:
  • Connect any user to your MyBB installation with Facebook
  • One-click login/registration: if Fast Registration setting is set to off, it will ask the user to choose an username from scratch and to decide what informations to import from Facebook
  • Automatically synchronizes Facebook account data with MyBB account, including avatar, birthday and cover (if Profile Pictures plugin is installed)
  • 6 dedicated settings that users can manage and change to whatever they like, controlling what data to sync with their Facebook accounts
  • Existing users can link their Facebook accounts to their accounts on your board within their User Control Panel and with the click of a button, without necessarily create a new account from scratch (or ask admins to merge their accounts)
  • Facebook-linked accounts can be easily unlinked hitting a button in the UCP
  • 2 registration modes you can choose to use within your Admin Control Panel: One Click Registration (Fast) and Two Step Registration (More slowly, but fast anyway Blush)
  • Sends a PM containing a randomly generated password to every Facebook-registered user
  • Redirects logged in/registered users to the same page they came from
  • You can choose whether if restricting registration to verified-only Facebook users
  • You can choose what usergroup to insert Facebook-registered users
  • Works for all MyBB 1.6 installations and web servers thanks to the Facebook SDK provided in the package. It requires your server to be able to store cookies, but MyBB also requires this feature so if you can run MyBB you can run MyFacebook Connect
  • Who's Online List support
  • It works
  • It's free

Installation instructions

Read the official documentation on GitHub to know how to install MyFacebook Connect.

Configuration instructions

Read the extended documentation on GitHub to know how to configure MyFacebook Connect.


Read the changelog on GitHub.

Use an image instead of a button

Read the extended documentation on GitHub to know how to use an image instead of a button for Facebook login.

If you want to use a CSS button instead of an image you can read brad-t's instructions.

Update from any version to another

Read the specific page in the documentation on GitHub to know how to update from any MyFacebook Connect to another. This is as simple as clicking a button and you won't lose any data.

Download it from the Mods Site or from GitHub*, or try it on the test board!

* Generally, the GitHub's package is far more up to date than the Mods Site one.

MyFacebook Connect is on GitHub! Contributes are always appreciated!

You can contribute, report issues and request a new feature publicly, I'll do my best to fix and add what you request there. You can reach the plugin at the following link:

Nice ! Can I setup it like auto post after they register ? Like auto post in facebook