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Full Version: MyFacebook Connect 3.6
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Hi Shade, Thanks for the new update ...
Well I commented when you go to register and give you store displays this error:

PD: I have not activated any custom field to the time of registration, date of birth only.
Well, that's... strange. The synchronization should refuse to fill the data array if the database column doesn't exist. Could you provide your board's URL so I can get into this issue?

Sorted it out, I've updated the package (I have to pay more attention to typos).
Does this plugin need any more php addons then what's already required for MyBB?
Thank you for informing me about this plugin! I'm really excited to implement it!
Yes: it relies on Facebook PHP SDK 3 which is provided into the download package.
Since the problem is solved Shade, apparently was problem with a custom field in my forum delete it and the plugin worked perfectly, if I get you notice any errors, Thank ...
You didn't need to delete your Custom Profile Field. I've updated the package on GitHub with a patch to the bug which caused the error Smile
Looks good bro, working fine ...

But in the place of gender field it is giving the following:
Gender: Uomo
I've explained the reason of this behavior in the documentation.
(2013-04-24, 01:18 PM)Shade Wrote: [ -> ]I've explained the reason of this behavior in the documentation.

Fine, i will edit the plugin to suit my forum.
Hey guys,
This is the best solution for Facebook integration for mybb.
It's very simple yet powerfull, thanks a ton Shade.

Can you also add fb like feature in this.