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Full Version: MyFacebook Connect 3.6
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Yes you do need a verified account to create an application.
(2015-09-22, 09:38 PM)Shade Wrote: [ -> ]Fixed in the latest commit. You can download the file and overwrite the old one.

This fix will be officially included in the next version update, when other bugs will be found and patched. It is already available on GitHub though.

I only write my plugins in English. If you want to translate to other languages, you can submit your translations to the Mods Site page dedicated to MyFacebook Connect. All contributions are appreciated.

in downloaded even from github. is the actually files. my english is bad... translation.... Big Grin
oh great.. i will upgrade to new version
thank you
happy to report that the redirection is now working properly. thanks, Shade.
Glad that it is working. I've put a lot of efforts into changing the old method with the new one which seems a lot more reliable and cleaner.

I may seem a bit harsh but I shall remind you all that my plugins are free and donations are my only income at the moment. Please consider donating a small amount of money to keep me motivated to support them. Help me and I will help you. Thank you for your interest in MyFacebook Connect and my other plugins.
Migrating to a new server helped a little bit with the token thing but I'm now with a new problem. It says that:

"Please correct the following errors before continuing:

The password you entered is not complex enough. Please enter a password that is at least 8 characters long, and contains an upper case letter, lower case letter and a number."

Which is impossible since there is no Password Field. This only happens when you have the option for "Allow only verified accounts" is enabled. Posting to Facebook isn't working. Last problem would be is I'm not able to delete the reports by pushing "Delete All Reports"
The complex password thing is a known bug which happens when you have the "Enable complex passwords" option active OR a similar third party plugin installed. It will be fixed in the next release.

Posting to Facebook might not work if your application has not been whitelisted by Facebook. Prior to 30 April 2015, that was possible without Facebook's approval but now you have to submit your app to their headquarters which will analyze your usage of that feature and will decide whether if you are eligible or not. This is not included in the docs but when I'll get some spare time to update them I will explain everything you need to do, although you can already do it yourself by following the on-screen instructions at FB devs' site.

Thank you for reporting the malfunctioning button. I will investigate. That's low priority, don't expect a fix for a while.
thank u it works fine now.
Following the recent end of support for MyBB 1.6 by the MyBB Team, I am announcing the end of support for MyBB 1.6 for all my plugins which still have backwards compatibility, including: MyFacebook Connect, MyTwitter Connect and MyGoogle+ Connect.

Also, the upcoming versions will no longer have backwards compatibility in order to encourage admins to upgrade to the latest versions of MyBB.
I'd like users that register via FB to be required to fill out the remaining required fields, can I do that with the plugin?