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Full Version: MyFacebook Connect 3.6
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How i fix this issue ...?
so the fb connect on my forum has no hope now Sad
I wanna try the twitter connect and will try to find the fix to my problem. I just wanna know if ever all these plugins work, will i have a big responsibility with the security of their fb or twitter account? If ever someone able to hack my site and got the account of my members from my site which the same with their fb then im the one to be blamed?
The plugin does not store anything but the users' IDs. If your site is hacked, you don't lose any sensitive data associated with their fb accounts.
Just wanna share that i found the solution to my problem. I'ts the " Valid OAuth redirect URIs" . thank you shade
I'm confused with the one- click registration. Should i disable it or enable it? I saw some of my members have their complete name and primary photo when they posted. I want them to change first their username after they clicked the "login with facebook". I want to protect their privacy as the forum is in public and some of them are young. Hoping for fast reply. thank you
Disable it to let them change their infos before registering. Enable it to directly register them ferching their infos automatically.
MyFacebook Connect 2.2 is out

What's new?
This is a maintenance release. It fixes 3 reported issues, one of them is critical for its proper functioning starting from 30 April 2015. It is highly recommended to update as fast as possible your copy of MyFacebook Connect. Older versions will stop working on 1 May 2015.
  • Updated the SDK to support the latest Facebook APIs. The official SDK requires an updated PHP version, but due to MyBB's list of PHP versions supported, a custom and updated version of the previous SDK is used instead.
  • Addressed an issue which showed a #200 error to the user if he didn't authorize writing permissions to your application.
  • Added a 443 port check upon installing the plugin. Port 443 opened is required for MyFacebook Connect to communicate with Facebook's API endpoints. Boards that already installed the plugin are not affected by this change, but if you are struggling trying to make it work, you may have to uninstall the plugin and try to install it again.
  • Addressed an issue which showed a database error if the plugin was not installed properly.
Where to download?
Download the new files from GitHub or from the Mods Site.
How to upgrade from any older version?
The migration from any older version of the plugin is easy thanks to the dedicated updater included in the package. Just upload the new files to your FTP and run the upgrade script as described in the official documentation.

This release, however, does not affect any template or setting while updating. Only the version number will be updated.

MyFacebook Connect is free as in freedom. However, since I am a Medicine and Surgery student and I have to pay avg 2.2k euros per year to study in the local university I am attending, donations via PayPal are much appreciated! I haven’t received a single donation for this plugin so far. Be the first!
Thank you, did you fix this issue please?

Sharing and posting new status after registering is not working
Yes .