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Full Version: MyFacebook Connect 3.6
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Hi Shade,

I'm having trouble getting your plugin to work. Here is my forum:

As you can see the FB button isn't displayed, but if I go to I am prompted to log in, so at least that works.

How can I get the FB button to appear on my forum index page?

Thanks Smile


UPDATE: I discovered that myBB wasn't up to date so upgraded it to the latest version and re-uploaded the latest version of the plugin files, re-installed it and re-configured it. No difference though. I still don't see the FB button but can log in if I go to myfbconnect.php?action=login.

Alright. I've finally got it to work. The problem was that the version of MyFacebook Connect on the Mods Site is 2.0.1. When I noticed that the version on GitHub was 2.0.2, I downloaded and installed that, and it worked.

I'm now trying to get the FB button to display instead of the text as per your instructions in the Extended documentation, but only an 'x' is being displayed. Still trying.

It's a plain link, so you can do whatever you want with it: add an image, attach some extra text, call it from every page you want.
I can't seem to call the image for some reason. The code I am using is:

<a href="{$mybb->settings['bburl']}/myfbconnect.php?action=login"><img src="/images/fblogin.png" /></a>

As you can see, the image is stored in the right place:

What am I doing wrong?
Strip out the first "/": <img src="images/fblogin.png" />
It worked! Thanks Shade.

I guess this is obvious to experienced coders, but it might be worth updating the Extended documentation to reflect this, as it says:

Replace {$lang->myfbconnect_login} with the following code:

<img src="/images/imagename.extension" />

Thanks again!


The FB login button is working fine, but there seems to be a bug in that if I log out, then sign back in via the FB button, I'm taken to a page that says "You are already logged into the board."

Is there a way to get around this and take the user back to the last page they were on, or at least back to the forum index?

@Shade, this plugin will works with MyBB 1.8?
Yes it will.
Yes, it works. I tried it yesterday.
(2014-08-31, 08:16 AM)Shade Wrote: [ -> ]Check out this post:
To solve the redirect issue, the post you linked tells me to change "myfbconnect.php?action=fblogin" to "myfbconnect.php?action=login". I am assuming that this is in the "header_welcomeblock_guest" template? If yes, I already have it set to "login" and not "fblogin". Still, when I logout and login, I get the "You are already logged into the board." message.

Any other fix for this issue Shade?