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Full Version: MyFacebook Connect 3.6
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Oh, yeah you're right. Didn't think about it, I'll add a PluginLibrary mention in the documentation. Thank you for your feedbacks.
(2013-04-18, 02:42 AM)InfraWorld Wrote: [ -> ]When I try to Register forum Forum travez shows this error:
Quote:An unknown error occured. The output of the error is:
Please report this error to an administrator and try again.

Me too, I try with username and email never used on the forum
Here is it:

Ouch, can you post your board's URL please?

Talking with niere8 I've noticed that when you register through Facebook, eventual required profile fields at registration and eventual username length limits may lead into that "Unknown error", aborting the registration.

I'll think about a way to workaround this situation. In the meantime, the solution is to higher the username length limit value and to disable all the "required" profile fields at registration.
That connect image is nice, but my button does a clicky thing.
You might place the myfbconnect.php?action=fblogin link whenever you want

should be
You might place the myfbconnect.php?action=fblogin link whereever you want
"where ever" is two words. But yeah.
I thought it was, but you know.
should probably say you may instead of you might as well.
You know, I'm italian, I often do some mistakes Smile
A W E S O M E .....
All i can say is ^^ .

Great job , works flawless .....
Thanks a lot for this amazing plugin Smile
looking forward for more features.
Just wondering if there is anyway to unintergrate the facebook account from the forum account, as i assigned it to a test account,now i can't unassign it to test the registration feature.