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Full Version: MyFacebook Connect 3.6
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(2015-10-08, 04:12 PM) Wrote: [ -> ]I'd like users that register via FB to be required to fill out the remaining required fields, can I do that with the plugin?

+1 for this!
That is planned for a future version.
(2015-10-08, 04:33 PM)Shade Wrote: [ -> ]That is planned for a future version.

Hi Shade

Actually I did Everything in mobile i see login and registration option but in my desktop option i cant see the facebook and login option.

I use vienna theme can you help me
You might have a look at the documentation on GitHub.
So i have one question with this plugin is there anyway for the plugin to check the persons age to ensure there over 18 to prevent children from registering as i run a 18+ website id like to integrate this but i have to have a way to ensure there 18 or atleast claim to be 18 does this have that kind of feature or is there a way to implement it?
There is a way, but it's not in the core as there are few websites that would like to achieve it. You need a customized version, I am available but that'll cost you some bucks. You can PM me.
i have this in acp:

code: 0


line: 1294
You've got to download the report and upload it here.
i have one question
i m using one host for 3 domains,
i installed this plugin on one main domain and it works fine
but when i wanted to install on the other
it created issues and could not be install
how to fix this issue?
Shade, your "try it on the test board" link in your first message (on page 1 of this thread) took me to one of those links that won't let you close the tab and asks you to call a phishing number for customer service.

I tried it 3 times now and each time it takes me to a variation of the phishing link so it's not a one-off.

Just wanted to let you know so you can take care of it.

Screenshot of phishing page is attached.

Btw, if you get stuck on that page, here is how I got out of it on google chrome:

Most convenient way (since you're only closing the problem tab):
1. open Chrome's "Task Manager" (this is different from the windows Task Manager) by first hitting ESC to close the seemingly uncloseable popup window, while window is momentarily closed, hit SHIFT+ESC to open chromes task manager (I just continuously hold down SHIFT+ESC for about 5-10 seconds until the task manager opens), from there find the culprit tab and select it, then click the "End Process" button.

Less convenient way (since you're closing your entire browser, regardless of how many tabs you have open):
1. disconnect from wifi/internet momentarily, open windows "Task Manager" (NOT chrome Task Manager as in previous method), and shut down your browser, while still disconnected from the internet, open your browser again, close your problem tab, and then re-connect to the internet again.