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Just chiming in to say... DAYUM. <3 Shade, that is sexy. If you ever do commissioned work (and I have exorbitant amounts of money lying around), I'm coming to you (sorry Eric and co).

(2012-11-29, 03:01 AM)brad-t Wrote: [ -> ]I don't have any money to invest now, really. Supporting girlfriend while she is looking for work and going to school.

Also, you just went up ten points on the adorable/awesomeness scale.
Well, it's just an (indefinite) loan haha. But it helps her, so that's good. She would do the same for me. No clothes for a while, though ... Sad

Anyone wanna trade plugin dev for some UX advice? Toungue
It should be a fairly easy plugin to create though it would add a query or two to each page I believe. Feel free to PM me if nobody else is willing and I'll do it if I get a chance Smile
Thanks Euantor. I'll let you know.

I'm not really sure I even want to do it though, because it could be confusing – Haralooks and Brands are still technically discussion areas, but there is no unread counter next to those in the top menu. I think maybe having a total unread counter from the unread posts plugin might be enough, and just hard-coding the forum links into the menu.

Also, my love affair with drop shadows ended quickly. Get out of my life!

Text logo!

[Image: QAa80.png]
(2012-11-29, 03:09 AM)AiedailEclipsed Wrote: [ -> ]Just chiming in to say... DAYUM. <3 Shade, that is sexy. If you ever do commissioned work (and I have exorbitant amounts of money lying around), I'm coming to you (sorry Eric and co).

Don't worry, most of the MyBB market doesn't really come to us anyways. xD It sucks because it's the only community I actually feel like I'm a part of.

But yes, Shade's work is definitely great, he has a nice attention to detail. Especially for someone so young.
MyBB community is cheap. Sad but true.
I'm sorry, but at the moment I'm not interested (and I can't even due to my country laws) into doing works by commission. Maybe in the future, but definitely not at the moment.

Thank again guys. At least there's someone who appreciate my work out there Toungue I'm planning to finish very soon the theme and to concentrate on the mobile interface. I've already started building a GoMobile theme which will be really impressive, even more than ProjectX and the screenshots I've shown you. When I will have some solid basis, I will certainly show you the concept I have in my mind Big Grin What else to say... there will be a chance that I'll release the mobile theme for free and ProjectX will be supported alike.
So I installed MyAlerts and used it for a bit today and ... shockingly ... I didn't really like it.

Yes, me, who pumped up euantor's plugin and have been a big proponent of notifications in MyBB forever. I actually feel sort of embarrassed.

The issue was, it was redundant for me. On a very very active forum it's probably going to be really helpful. In my case, it was telling me I was being quoted and people were responding to my threads, but with the level of activity my site has, I don't need to know about this. And since the alerts don't automatically clear once you've seen the post in question (I think), I end up with a lot of redundant notices.

For me, there's a few things I'd want out of MyAlerts

1. When someone posts in a thread that I'm following/subscribed to
2. When a post within a thread is tagged with x – this type of functionality doesn't even exist right now. Would be nice to be able to tag posts within a brand thread as "news" and subscribe only to those posts.
3. When someone gives me a Heart (+rep) for one of my posts – MyAlerts can do this, but I didn't test it extensively.

Overall, I'm wondering if for my site it would end up more as a distraction than anything else. I planned to launch the new version of my site with Alerts, but I may push it back to a later revision – perhaps with Conversations? – until I can better understand exactly how I want to use it. Of course, if support for Subscriptions gets baked in soon, I'll reconsider that.

I don't want to devalue euantor's work, which is awesome. The plugin does exactly what it should do. It just turns out what I wanted is not actually what I needed.
Brad, I have to agree. For my board (very quiet) the unread posts plugin is the only thing I really use and yes the only thing I miss is an alert on getting a "like".

I also feel rather guilty because Euantor added Prototype to MyAlerts for me, but once I used it I realised it was just not suited to my needs.

* Leefish says sorry to Euan
It's completely fine guys. If you're using Tomm M's post rep plugin for post likes, he's already added support for MyAlerts in his latest version - just to point that out Wink

MyAlerts won't be for everybody and it is still lacking a feature or two.