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(2013-06-21, 09:36 PM)Jessie S. Wrote: [ -> ]Long overdue question, does the stuff posted in this thread have to pertain to MyBB?

Edit: disregarding the current title of the thread of course.

I always interpreted it as "A thread about admin and dev stuff located on MyBB" but I could be wrong.
I would say that's the intention, but I don't think anyone's going to throw a fit over something else being posted here ... unless it's like, XF or something.
Hoping to get 2-3 people to beta test our style properties plugin (More to play around with than anything, about all bugs have been worked out). If you'd like to give it a shot, hit me up with a PM. Only sending it to reputable people here though, so keep that in mind.
What happens when you ditch alerts()s for jGrowl?

[Image: foR2D6V.png]

Awesome happens. This is something I'm messing around with for 1.8. Used for returning messages via AJAX.

Please excuse global.css not loading for me. xD This is just a short video showing a little bit of the plugin in action.
Theme in progress Smile
[Image: Wkh7Q1X.png]
(2013-06-23, 12:16 PM)Jovan J. Wrote: [ -> ]Theme in progress Smile
[Image: Wkh7Q1X.png]

Nice Jovan, although I think you could do without the click to open link. Yes? Smile
Thank you. Yes, I can. That image just point where do you've to click to open the menu Smile
Looks cool Jovan - very chunky Big Grin