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Full Version: MyBB Scratchboard – Post your random admin/dev stuff
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Haha, that's pretty neat. Not sure why you'd want this publicly visible, though.
Well, none of it is actually impacting the privacy of my users (imo), so I am ok with showing it publicly. It was really for fun to see if I could integrate it and as an alternative to the stats in the MYBB stats page. It might be handy to show to prospective advertisers I guess if you have a forum that sells ad space.
Just updated my usercp

Looking nice over there Leefish!
Currently i'm working on gaming related MyBB theme (codename "GameOne")

Index -

Styles selector -

As for the main layout i have opted for a fixed width (instead of fluid, it can be changed without any problems) with Xbox one look (green as main). Style selector allows you to pick a game related color scheme (bg image + color, main color [thead, links...] and a alternative color [used on some minor areas]). Many areas (logo, some header and nav stuff) are placeholders.
looking good there Johnny.

Just finished adding a mobile responsive menu - 4 lines of Prototype and some light css. Very pleased.

Menu shown open, but of course it is collapsed on load.

(2014-03-17, 01:48 PM)Leefish Wrote: [ -> ]Just updated my usercp

Awesome UserCP Lee! Big Grin

Reworking member_registration:

Added in the security question plugin since I was dealing with spam bots out the wazoo with no spam security on until now.
Looking sharp there clayxcol. The reasons to join is a nice touch.
Random dev stuff incoming:
Love the colours and the placement of the replies/views is a very good idea.