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[Image: pDWuJXh.png]
Looks great Shade!
Thank you Smile The theme has been released, it is called Whisper and it is available in the Mods Site.
Theme I'm currently working on. I decided to make the buddy/ignored list cleaner.

[Image: buddylist.png]
WIP Pokemon Theme for one of my projects. I decided to start with something plain and simple. Hope you guys like it! Again, I still have a lot of work to do, but good progress so far :-)
[Image: 718864eeed42b2a0617108fc12721770.png]
Very early stages of a prototype.

[Image: 5zIgGBw.png]
(2016-02-08, 08:29 PM)brad-t Wrote: [ -> ]Very early stages of a prototype.

[Image: 5zIgGBw.png]

Looks nice but the delete, edit & reply icons/text are/is too way too big and colorful in my opinion. Wink
Thanks for your feedback. Happy with the colors but not sure about the size. However, I would prefer them to be more visible than less, generally.
Oh, hey, Brad's still around!

Looking good, but that small screenshot doesn't really do the whole thing justice. I'd be interested to see how it looks full size on a widescreen display as I think there's a chance it may look a little empty for some posts with less content. I do like the layout of the user details as they are for definite - it gives just the right amount of information without feeling too dense, though I would possibly limit the awards (?) display to one line or two.