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If I'm honest, I have only the faintest idea of how to make it work. And not completely. It's possible that it won't be possible without a plugin/core edits, and if that's the case, I hope someone will be willing to take the job :')
Currently working on this, still definitely a WIP.
Looking good Eric!
(2015-03-31, 06:03 PM)Euan T Wrote: [ -> ]Looking good Eric!

Thanks a lot Euan. ^^
First responsive design from me 
Most of the major pages are done, search, portal, index, forum display, usercp, modcp (nearly)

Removed all sidebars and replaced them with bootstrap drop downs.

Forum Display:
Interesting approach Smile I prefer to use an offcanvas for the UCP, but that dropdown is a nice idea. How are Private messages, profile, registration coming along? Dont forget the calendar Smile
I've not started the PM / profile pages yet but it should look something like my New thread / New reply page (below) with a drop down for navigation.

Calendar is what i'm dreading,  just not sure which template is for what.

New thread:

I might post up a test version once I got more done, just for some feedback and bugs if i'm allowed?
I tried to avoid using plugins, but I ended up pretty much having to use the Template Conditionals plugin on the calendar. I only used it in one template , and I cant remember why, but I did. If you have fought your way through the modcp, calendar will be easy, really Smile

this was my take on newthread:

I would suggest using a media query and getting the container full width/98% on anything under 767px as you really need to maximise screen real estate on a small screen
Good to know you think that, i don't lol

That looks good, I ain't started on using media queries yet, just stripping columns out first then i'll use media queries to hide stuff.

Whats your calendar like on mobiles?
(2015-04-06, 01:42 AM)iAndrew Wrote: [ -> ]Whats your calendar like on mobiles?

take a look :