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Full Version: MyBB Scratchboard – Post your random admin/dev stuff
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@brad-t if you're trying to stretch it to 100% of the container, I can tell you how I did it Smile
I think I'm understanding it now, thanks though!
Hey brad, do you plan any work on your error pages? I'm not a UI expert, but personally I don't find this too attractive:

[Image: 9vdi9tz.png]
I should, haha.
I've decided to drop the first post avatars and use that space for a new post indicator:

[Image: forumdisplay_revised_small.png]
Instead of a new post icon you might have threads with new posts have the light grey background and threads without have the dark grey background. It's pretty easy to do with just CSS and template edits.
Far better I reckon though the new post indicators might be a little too big and having nothing there for the read ones means the read ones look out of place.
Mine are much bigger than that.

[Image: gF91umU.png]

I think Justin's looks fine, though I don't really get that they are clickable since they are just circles.
What I think I don't like about Justin's is that the other threads are still indented.
I understand why he did it that way, I've tried it before too, but it's just kind of jarring.

Why the hell does this error even show up on its own page ... should redirect to the login page again :| SMH

[Image: 9vdi9tz.png]