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Finally finished the new header for leefish - footer next.

[Image: nav2.png]
[Image: nxkxubT.png]
[Image: ZiwG8Ny.png]
Still not convinced on the size of that heart Toungue

Here is my postbit buttons - hover tooltip for the uncertain poster Big Grin :

[Image: pbit.png]

I have to sort out my heart button (will put it with the rest, but having some trouble with MyNetwork templates)
I'm going to have to agree with everyone else; the heart does seem to be a bit large, Brad.
Fair enough!

[Image: EFzW7lk.png]

Lee, good call on the tooltips. The shadows on those icons look odd, though.
Yes, that looks nice. Big enough to be different without being too big. Yea, I will be getting rid of that shadow - too much fluff. I have a tendency to overdo it Toungue
Still seems too large.
I feel it should be the same size as the other buttons.
[Image: JtTdXhk.png]
Not gonna happen. Totally different type of interaction. There's a reason why it's not faded when everything else is.
So the 10px spacing isnt enough? You need to have it bigger and more announced then everything else too? Take note the facebook like button. No extra exaggeration, no extra eye candy, nothing.
In terms of click target, it's actually significantly smaller than the rest of the options due to there being no text attached to it.

I tried it, but it looks really small to me.

[Image: z1Cjwj4.png]