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Yeah, I had posted a mock-up earlier, but I want to try something even more dynamic. Also gonna try and make some changes based on FMB's feedback – in particular I think she may be right about the boxes not being a good presentation format for this. Will get back with something new soon. That said, don't expect any huge differences in the way the content is laid out – I'm content with that.

I think the big issue is that the current design really clearly guides your eyes when you simply follow the red. This redesign was actually spurned by a co-worker who said to me (not about my site) "If you draw attention to everything, you draw attention to nothing." The bright red is used to guide the eyes but I found I was using it a bit too much, but in the homepage it's almost not present at all anymore ...
I think your design had the right amount of red - I never had complaints about it actually.

Sleepy as hell so I'm sorry I can't say more - I'll prob come back when I wake up and re-read XD
brad, when there's nobody logged in, this is what the index page displays:


I'd suggest Template Conditionals in here. I use that (too much) to do grammar. Not sure on the variables off the top of my head, but:

<if $numusers == 0 then>{$numguests} lurkers<else>{$online}<br /><span class="smalltext">and {$numguests} lurkers</span></if>
Haha, nice catch. Thanks.
Forumdisplay threadlist.

I am unsure about the centered positioning of the last post info etc. Any opinions?

[Image: forumdisplay.jpg]
Definitely don't like it centered like that. I don't think you need the "Read Topic" link, either.
Yes brad but getting rid of that will make even more blank space in the right column, so I would only remove it if I hade something else to add there. Or make the extract shorter and remove it.
I took the advice of brad and right aligned the text. Right now I have the read:topic at visibility:hidden so I can put it back, but I do like it right aligned.

I also did some work on the index page:

the site looks nicest at 1280 or 1024 wide (has a max width of 1500) and I am working on the responsive elements next.
Looks much improved since you last PM'd me. Though I think the read topic button is pointless when there is the section hyperlink to the left of it, I much prefer to see the latest thread and poster there.
IMO the entire table row should be a link if you can manage it