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Full Version: MyBB Scratchboard – Post your random admin/dev stuff
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Is anyone willing to share their outline code for member_profile (looking at Brad and Tecca Wink)? I've been looking at altering mine so that it looks a lot neater, and so that there's less wasted space, but my lack of knowledge with respect to tables is what's stopping me Toungue.
Mine isn't really great, but there's no tables involved. Just some divs. Surely you can understand it pretty well just by looking at the source code?
I guess if I set up a dev board (or my 1.8 install) I could pull it off with divs. I guess I am too worried about breaking tons of stuff in the process (that's my OCD, stopping me from developing a dream profile!). My other issue is with plugins, and last time I edited a plugin's templates, I ended up completely nuking a theme (blanked templates).

I guess I should just code it from scratch in HTML and then slowly substitute in MyBB's variables.

PS: Yours is quite nice, actually. I can tell you that if I had an interest in Japanese fashion, I would've registered. But... I don't exactly have that interest.

I am not really happy with mine at all, but it won't be changing any time soon. I am probably going to need to hire a developer to accomplish everything I want to do with it. Maybe I'm too ambitious.
I would definitely say that you're ambitious in your designs. The bar that you set it at encourages me to play around with significant modifications to themes and MyBB.

It's a WIP at best... Just see my disaster of a showthread template. Using the IPB style thread header hasn't worked for me yet. Maybe it just works for light themes?

Here's what I am at so far... Still not even close to done, really.

[Image: OOZUpAul.png]
Eh. Don't really have anything to show.. I'm trying to set up a media forum where people can post youtube videos and pictures in the same place.. I used template conditionals to get the youtube thumbnail to show for videos and the picture to show for the pictures. Nothing really spectacular.

Any one else doing anything interesting?
I see a lot of empty space there, the sidebar could easily be achieved with just one box at the top/bottom using drop-down forms instead of links. You can make the thread row a box instead to show more videos in a row too. That is what I do (except I don't use a sidebar/top bar for search).
I know the design sucks, I just threw it together, but do you mean something like this Omar? Doobieedoo
I mean something more like this for the thread list (the four items in the middle) but probably better using tables and this for the search bar (little bar at the top of thread list).

Sure, that is how I would do it for myself. There will be more space for more videos that way.
This is how I do it on leefish - three select boxes and a double column: