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Full Version: MyBB Scratchboard – Post your random admin/dev stuff
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The awards are a beloved part of our community; while I get the desire to downscale, I think there would be riots if we limited the display size. (Already on mobile, we're going to have to truncate it.)

And yeah, as I said, it's a very early prototype. (This is a screenshot from Keynote, not a live forum.) I get that it's sparse right now. At the same time, if a UI has to look busy to compensate for short posts, I don't consider it a success.
Fair enough, makes sense. Sometimes compromise is unavoidable.
changed MyBB with XThreads

Figured I'd share some stuff from my current project. Still kind of rough, but I'm working on it!

It's for a sci-fi fantasy rpg forum, so it's meant to be space-y looking. Primary navigation uses an off-canvas sidebar that shifts the rest of the forum over in both desktop and mobile view. The header uses css animations/transitions to pan over the nebula view in the header and give an impression of looking out a space ship window.
This is probably my biggest project I have ever done.  Angel  Wish me luck!

[Image: 72f2a1e7df558e8f75929ee08e5b3612.png]
[Image: 5baf3e9221e66dda65816bbcc6c046f8.png]
Integrated my website with MyBB. Smile And a fresh coat of paint. woohoo.
Resurrecting once again. This one's going to be fun! Coming in August, maybe.

[Image: JocIgX0.png]

[Image: f9yFlb0.png]

[Image: gakcnnu.gif]
Stunning work as always.
IIRC You don not have any available front-end theme. That one looks awesome to try.
Unfortunately, this won't be released to the public as it will stay as an exclusive for my site. So many deep customizations I could not collect them in an easily-exportable theme.