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I think that's way better, but you need to introduce more padding and less text. e.g. do you really need category descriptions? the titles are pretty self-explanitory
Yeah good call. I have a thing with forum descriptions where I think they always need to be there for some reason. They've gone now.
Liking the look of that YoshiOlly, but it does seem to be very text filled Smile ALso consider how the WOL will look with more users online.
With more users online, if you don't care to display all of them, you can use overflow: hidden along with a text-overflow: ellipsis.
There should be enough room for three lines of online users. If there were frequently more though I could always make the dropdown box on the left smaller, or like you said Tecca use text-overflow Smile

I think I'd consider it an achievement if I had to make more room for online users Toungue
I know no one is super interested in this, but I'm excited so moar preview. :3

[Image: ibyrSELTm6BN0h.png]
Hot stuff Eric
That's cool. Will be great for novices.
(2013-06-18, 06:09 PM)brad-t Wrote: [ -> ]That's cool. Will be great for novices.

Yeah, that and developers. Being able to change 15 instances of border radius by changing 1 line should be pretty helpful.
So... basically SASS but in the ACP? Nice idea.