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Let me know if I can help you with anything, then.
Oh, that I will when I get onto my conversation system Wink
* maniacmusic working hard on his theme...

Mobile showthread - current state, good bye breadcrumb, welcome level up button! Smile

[Image: Ots5HRs.png]
That looks neat! Are you using any framework for the styling?
Thanks Smile Yes currently Twitter Bootstrap, but this might change in future.
Been facing a lot of issues with Spam at MyBB Stuff, so decided to start work on a little collection of tools to help myself find and combat it. Still a WIP with a lot left to do, but this is the starting point.

[Image: 8RswL5n.png]

[Image: CSWlmo5.png]

The idea is that it will be possible to add, remove and modify different providers by simply creating a single class and dropping it in. That way I can tailor which services work best for which situations.

I'm hoping that this, combined with spamalyser, will be enough to cut down a lot of work.
[Image: WQly9wJ.png]

Finally got time to get back to work on this. It's been a long time...
(2013-12-23, 04:45 PM)Euan T Wrote: [ -> ]Finally got time to get back to work on this. It's been a long time...

Yeah! Can't wait to see more.
[Image: BaV3yeT.png]

Also, thoughts on shipping stylesheets with plugins as I did in MyAlerts? The default theme doesn't quite offer the styles I wish to use for conversations.
Awesome Euan! Keep up the good work!
Regarding the theme: I think you should focus more on making it easy for theme developers to implement and make the default template as native looking as possible.