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When do you plan to release it? Sounds like the thing I've been waiting for ages (if I understood right, that's a sort of Less isn't it?)
We'll be selling it once Flex is released (Though it won't be for resale, only personal use once it's purchased). And if you've ever used Xenforo's Style Properties system that would be the best explanation I could give of it.
Oh, so no Open Source... Sad
Nah, sorry! D:
A tool like that could benefit a lot of people. Shame.
Oh god Eric why do you have to sell everything? Sad
I'd so open source that.
It's great though, much respect. Smile
You said it's also targeted at developers, will you sell it with single use and developer option ?

Also: My WIP template: OpenSkin
You can't really see all the features that make this responsive, bootstrap based template great, however the theme it comes with, "OpenSkin Basic" , is supposed to have a very "general" and simple style. I figured the edges might be too soft. On my laptop which has a crappy screen it's hard to see, on my desktop I'm happy with how it looks though. Would be great to get some input from the fellow designers, thanks. Smile
For sale is fine, but if it's a single-user license only it's kind of useless.
We're going to discuss open sourcing it guys, we just worry about our theme's popularity because this feature is a great selling point and Rida has worked hard on it. That said we know this is a needed feature of MyBB and will probably be worth giving it away. I'll update when we've decided.
I just really had to say this but, just because MyBB is a open source software doesn't mean that designers and developers should be inclined to release EVERYTHING for free. Just sayin'
We've decided the style properties will be open source. Hope you guys do enjoy and make use of it. You can expect it to be released as soon as Flex is.