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@brad - maybe killed is a strong phrase; I can see my docs when I go to edit, but the old docs are what you see when you look on the forums. I had changed the existing help docs you see. Why offer a function if it does not work?

I can open the lang files via ftp etc and copy the content in (making sure I escape things) but yea, I had spent a lot of time on them the first time, so I was a bit - demotivated - and have not done them again as yet.

Been busy working on my profiles Big Grin
(2013-06-28, 06:45 PM)brad-t Wrote: [ -> ]PM. It's not nice to link to threads that most readers can't see.

+1. If posting internal links, I always unapprove my posts. Then staff can still see them but they don't add useless posts for others.
(2013-06-28, 08:11 AM)Xanth Wrote: [ -> ]@Ben: Would security questions not work better? We removed captcha from our registration when we used MyBB, and it didn't hinder us with spam bots at all due to the questions. They're more user-friendly if they're good enough.

Since I'm not using MyBB (refer, previous image on last page) anti spam is a difficult thing to grasp and further, a difficult thing to combat and get to work effectively.

At the same time, and as I have already stated, it is a temporary measure to speed up launch. I don't feel wasting 400 hours on trying to get a Q&A system to work is the best idea at the present. It can wait.
(2013-06-28, 04:19 PM)Nathan Malcolm Wrote: [ -> ]Only so much can be explained by design. You cannot assume people will know how to use all these features. Overs the years I've spoken with people who need guidance with the simplest of things - not because of bad design, or because they're completely incompetent, but because they've never used a forum before. Yes Brad, it can be as simple as that.

Feel free to help rewrite them, or not, but they will be rewritten before 1.8 is released.

You're definitely catering to the extreme minority here. This "I once spoke with a guy who makes my point valid" argument is redundant, considering I could speak to 100 guys on my forum who would make Brad's valid. Since December 2011, I've not had anyone come to me for help on how to login and logout or post a reply. There is so much more MyBB should be doing ahead of rewriting documents that 99% of people do not read.
IMO the only worthwhile rewrite of the help system would be a Wiki-esque system, a sort of collaborative help section. The defaults should also target slightly vaguer topics (clearing cookies inhouse, as in, not browser cookies, for one) or promote lesser used features of MyBB. Then I could see them being used more.

I also don't think, personally, that they should mention MyBB by name (if they do, the M in MyBB should probably be capitalized. Wink). While I'm all for promoting MyBB's use, 99% of the people who would be likely to read the help documents won't know what MyBB is. The only people interested in using MyBB (ie webmasters) would either know what it is already, or not visit help documents because they know how to login, post a reply, or what the [url] MyCode does.

Is there even a switch for the help documents to turn them on or off? They're not really useful for an awful lot of forums, it should be just switched off if it isn't. I can see it being useful (forums like TESOF spring to mind), but for the vast majority of MyBB forums that don't modify it, it should be turned off.

As an aside, my forum's help documents are being replaced with a Wiki, once I get my Wiki plugin finished.
Not much that can be said. Looks like Facebook. Would've been nice to see more creativity.
(2013-07-09, 11:34 PM)brad-t Wrote: [ -> ]Not much that can be said. Looks like Facebook. Would've been nice to see more creativity.

Thank you for your comments. Smile
goal is to prepare facebook style theme.Then edit as social networking.
Yeah, but do you need to copy the same styling? You couldn't just use the structure as a reference point?
I suppose if making it look like Facebook is your goal, then you're headed in the right direction.

I tend to take inspiration and change it up. Keep in mind that this is not even close to complete, just the general direction. This also isn't MyBB, but it's to make the point that we can be inspired by something without copying it: