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I like the colors, I'm not a fan of the gray container and the pattern being gray-ish as well. IMHO make the container a very light gray.
Yea, I made some recent changes - I agree on the logo, I need to change the colour of that cog. Or lose the cog and go for a text only header. decogged shown. Eric - I am not sure what you meant on the account block - but the more I look at it the more I hate it Big Grin

I also agree on the grey - it was looking really grim.
leefish, why aren't your fonts smoothed?

[Image: pl1oTl.jpg]

playing with MyBBGM
They are - but due to a long list of unfortunate events I am forced to use Internet Explorer right now.

It is quite awful.

Of course, as far as I know, font-smoothing is not standard CSS3. The alternative is a text-shadow (which I used) but IE is not happy with text shadow and on Opera it just looks smudged. Not a Mac user Toungue

Example: I am guessing your fonts are smoothed Brad? This is how they look to me:
Felt like linking to our conversation Toungue
Thanks Jordan Big Grin

* Leefish ponders if she should have blurry font or jagged font Sad
* JordanMussi replies to Leefish saying neither
* JordanMussi knows this is not an option
* JordanMussi revises his choice and says blurry
Leefish, pretty much every modern OS has font smoothing built in. It's not something that has to be coded into pages.
Modern OS? I have windows 7. But my PC is OLD. Sad

* Leefish goes to try.

And then turns it off again as has a headache within 15 seconds Big Grin
D: Bad eyesight?