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Any hope of you releasing that editor, Shade? I can't speak for others but I'd be willing to pay.
Unfortunately no, but it will be available soon on iDeviceLAB (so you'll be able to inspire viewing the source Toungue ). Anyway, it's just SCEditor with some styling Wink
Was integrating SCEditor difficult?
There's a plugin IIRC brad.
How about including the smilies in a dropdown Shade? That would be nice.
(2013-06-02, 08:53 PM)Euan T Wrote: [ -> ]There's a plugin IIRC brad.

I wanna know what I'm getting into, haha
Not at all, it's an high quality plugin. It was just easy as Installing & Activating it Smile
Great, will give it a shot.

New heart counter! (lol)

[Image: 9EsV1QY.png]
(2013-06-02, 08:32 PM)brad-t Wrote: [ -> ]Was integrating SCEditor difficult?

You beat me to it Sad
(2013-06-03, 01:47 PM)brad-t Wrote: [ -> ]Great, will give it a shot.

New heart counter! (lol)

[Image: 9EsV1QY.png]

I personally think that whitish text on the heart would be better and look cleaner. But to each their own.

* Josh H. realizes that whenever he walks into this thread, he criticizes other people's work when he is not too successful himself with complete designs
* Josh H. simply walks away and blames the criticism on OCD