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Looks amazing Brad. Great work!
Nice one Brad, I think I'm gonna use a similar system for iDeviceLAB in the future! Smile

[Image: Schermata%2003-2456358%20alle%2023.12.34.png]

This is the new User Control Panel I'm currently working on. I admit that the previous one was a bit complicated as you said, so I decided to restyle it. The structure is inspired from GitHub, but instead of being bright is quite dark. The best part that I love is definitely the radio button: CSS animated and quite elegant.
Really nice. Definitely like the simplified approach.
I still think that is a really expensive premium theme Big Grin.
The GitHub style menu works well.
The text by the radio buttons looks small and a bit unreadable, but that could be because you scaled the screenshot down Undecided.
That's probably because is written in italian and you obviously can't read it Toungue
I was on my iPad, but on my PC the text is readable. Maybe I should learn a bit of Italian.
@Shade is it like French and Spanish because I am somewhat capable with French and Spanish is slightly linked to French which makes it easier for me.
Italian is very similar to Spanish but definitely not to French Smile

Nevermind, here is an updated version:

[Image: Schermata%2003-2456359%20alle%2016.36.46.png]

The difference is matter of pixels - a slightly faded outline for radios (which actually are not radio buttons but checkboxes Toungue) and a different box-shadow for the manu container.
Still looks premium to me Big Grin.
I too wanted to show my work, but I fear people may criticize, as I used many of their ideas... Sad
(2013-03-06, 08:54 AM)Leefish Wrote: [ -> ]
(2013-03-05, 07:52 PM)Omar G. Wrote: [ -> ]If your theme is fluid, maybe you can implement something that adapts the number of block per row. I think Leefish has done so for her forum.

Yes, that was going to be my next point Toungue

What size of screen are you optimising for? I have been playing about a lot with adaptive layouts you see and it looks like the threads are aligned left, I would recommend trying with media queries to adjust the number of threads per row, and maybe align center.

I realise that this is a very basic layout and has many flaws, but you can see that by using divs the theme is a bit more responsive based on screen size.

Hmmm. I'll work on that. It takes me a while to get anything done, but I'll try haha. Thanks for the idea!