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Looks good Tecca. I think I'd expand the update status textarea to 100% width though. Looks a little odd as is.
Thanks for the suggestion. I was actually thinking of having the statuses display on the left side and have a sidebar on the right. I just need to figure out which items I'd like featured in the sidebar. I'll start using ajax for the profile sections since there are quite a few tabs (though I'll knock a couple down most likely).
Looks promising Scarlet! Nice work Smile
(2013-07-13, 05:33 PM)Ferron Wrote: [ -> ]Looks promising Scarlet! Nice work Smile
I was happy. Thank you very much Smile
Register page:
Got a new logo done for ZEJ a couple days ago. If you want something sleek, go look at Rock Erekson.

Also nuked the Aperture Science logos:
This is my first time posting "random admin/dev stuff" in this thread, so here goes...

Just made a logo for the new Makestation theme.
It's just an updated version of the current one that will be got rid of soon.
Nice job all of you guys! All your works are somewhat inspirational for new stuff coming out from new devs/designers Big Grin

Being a while not posting here too - so here I go with my inline download system! God bless you, XThreads!

[Image: Schermata%2007-2456499%20alle%2020.44.28.png]
That's XThreads!?

Great work Shade! IMO the file not available message doesn't need the (x) icon unless it's there to dismiss the message.
Agree with Jordan on the icon. But that's really nice man.